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Soul Level Animal Communication®

By connecting intuitively with your animal, I can help you

Receive responses to your questions directly from your animal.

Understand why your animal behaves the way that they do.

Make your home more harmonious, creating a sense of peace and ease in the household.


Feel a sense of calm knowing the ways you can be most helpful for your animal.

Deepen your bond with your animal.

Receive messages from your animal who has crossed over.

Find a sense of peace around your animal’s passing.


Become more aware of the ways in which we are already communicating with our animals, and learn to be in alignment with what you say, think, and do.

Discover more about the path your animals are leading you on, and what they are teaching you.


30 min Session - $70

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In a 30-minute Soul Level Animal Communication® session you will have the chance to ask 1-2 questions of your choice, though the animal will lovingly guide the session where it needs to go.  We will also go to the soul level with your animal to discover what your animal is here to teach you, how they’re teaching you, and what you can do to work on this with them. This 30 minute session allows me time to speak with 1 animal. 

60 min session - $125

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If you’d like to delve deeper into what your animal is teaching you, or if you’d like to connect with more than 1 animal, a 60-minute session is recommended. For 1 animal, there is typically time for 4-6 questions, depending on where the animal chooses to lead us. You may connect with up to 3 animals for each 60 min session, though be aware that there might not be time for all 3, depending on the reading. If you decide that you would like to go deeper with your animal after the first session, you may apply this session toward the 6 Session Package.

Package of 6 Sessions

(6 Sessions for the price of 5)

Multiple sessions allow us to go deeper into what your animal is teaching you, and to work on integrating the information you’re receiving in order to develop new habits and ways of being that allow you to feel a consistent sense of peace and ease in your life with your animal.

Packages are good for any type of 60 minute session: Soul Level Animal Communication®, Soul Level Coaching®, or Intuitive Coaching for Artists and Writers. Type of session can vary within any package.

*Animal Communication sessions should not be considered a medical diagnosis or be used in place of attention from a veterinarian. If you have medical concerns about your animal, please seek the advice of a veterinarian. Not all animals are forthcoming about their medical issues, depending on what they are trying to teach you.