Soul Level Intuitive Coaching

Receive answers in response to questions you might have in any area of your life.

Tap into your innate wisdom.

Make decisions with a greater sense of clarity and ease.

Gain understanding about how particular challenges fit into the bigger picture of your life.

Feel a greater sense of connectedness in your life.

Develop your intuitive power. 

Release fears.

Access a renewed sense of freedom and play.

Gain awareness of the invisible support networks that are all around you.

Shift underlying negative beliefs.

Gain clarity around your life’s purpose.

How Does Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® Work?

In a Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® session, I will connect with you and your guides in order for us to look deeply into your soul system at the negative beliefs you came into this lifetime to work on and ways to release them. Sessions are deep and often surprising as your guides gently lead us where they want to go for your greatest and highest good. You might learn personalized energetic and somatic healing techniques, shift deep-rooted negative beliefs, access past-life information, or receive a big-picture view of where you are in your soul’s plan for this life

Please note that you will be an active participant and will be given homework from your guides for each session.

Sessions are 60 minutes.