Intuitive Coaching for  

By connecting intuitively with you and your guides,  I can help you

Finish projects and deadlines without killing yourself in the process.

Achieve clarity amidst the demands, pressures, and input of outside voices.

Release blocks that inhibit your ability to feel excited and energized by your creative projects.

Build trust in yourself and your decisions.

Tap into your body’s wisdom and re-awaken a deep sense of inner knowing.

Remember how to play.

Give yourself permission to be who you are, in the outcome of your creative work, and also in your creative processes.

Replace discipline with intention, sustained attention, and allowing.

Move beyond the “hampster wheel” model of productivity so that you enjoy a feeling of thriving as you get things done.

Gain understanding about the role your creative work plays in your soul-work.

Remember your deepest reasons for creating.

How does an Intuitive Session for
Writers and Artists work?

In an Intuitive Coaching Session for Writers and Artists, I’ll connect intuitively with you and your guides in order to receive information about your specific project and creative processes, what might be getting in your way or challenging you, what your next steps might be, and any other relevant information that comes through. 

Sessions are 60 minutes. 


Package of 6 Sessions

Single Session

(6 sessions for the price of 5)

Multiple sessions allow us to work together over time to go deeper into your creative habits and challenges, and to work on integrating the information you’re receiving in order to develop new habits and ways of being that allow you to feel consistently connected and energized by your writing or artistic projects.

Single sessions are available for those who want to address a particular challenge in their creative project or process. If you decide that you would like to go deeper after the first session, you may apply this session toward the 6 Session Package.