Intuition Studies

By connecting intuitively with you and your guides, I can help you

Develop your own intuitive powers.

Learn how your unique intuition works.

Release fears around using your intuition as a guide.  

Find out which senses you lead with.

Explore untapped wisdom.

Clear blocks getting in the way of you living a more intuitive, connected life.

Learn how to differentiate your intuition from fear. 

Explore and play with your intuition.

Learn to trust the flashes, nudges, words, sounds, knowings (or however they come to YOU) that seem to just come out of nowhere.

Identify how you have been dismissing the information trying to come to you.

Learn how your intuition speaks to you through your body (and vice versa).

Learn ways to integrate your intuition in your life, your relationships, your work, or your art.

How Does an Intuition Discovery Session work?

In an Intuition Discovery Session, I will connect with your guides in order to help you learn how your unique intuition works. Maybe you are just beginning and have not yet discovered your intuitive capacities, or are unsure of what to trust. Or maybe you are an experienced Intuitive looking to further develop your awareness and practice. Your guides will lead us where we need to go for your greatest and highest good. Sessions can be deep, surprising, and fun, as we explore and play with your intuition to strengthen the senses you that lead with, and discover new ones. We might also address what’s been getting in the way of you living a fully charged intuitive life, and how to trust what your intuition is telling you.

Please note that you will be an active participant and will be given homework from your guides for each session.

Sessions are 60 minutes. 


Package of 6 Sessions $625

Single Session

(6 Sessions for the price of 5)

Multiple sessions allow us to work together over time to explore and strengthen your unique intuition, and to deepen your trust in your own intuitive process. You’ll also have a chance to put your discoveries in action and come back with any questions you might have. See your intuitive powers unfold in your life under the loving guidance of your guides.  

Single sessions are available for those who are curious about their intuition but not yet ready to delve into the deeper work of developing their own intuitive powers. Single sessions are also good  for those who have particular questions about a current situation in their lives and are looking for help tapping into their own intuition for guidance. If you decide that you would like to go deeper after the first session, you may apply this session toward the 6 Session Package.