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Stephanie K. Hopkins

Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I taught writing at NYU for over a decade, then ran away to the ocean to become a bartender. Now, as a psychic coach and animal communicator, I know what it’s like to follow an unconventional path.

If you had asked me then, I would have said I was following my gut, or more likely, my impulses or my whim. I often didn’t know what I wanted—just what I didn’t want. Sometimes the signs were dissatisfaction, a feeling of being “done,” or an emptiness I couldn’t shake no matter how busy I kept myself. Increasingly, the signs became physical: a mysterious auto-immune disease, undiagnosable muscle failure, food allergies, chemical sensitivity, constant pain, anxiety, and fatigue. My dog, too, developed mysterious symptoms that required constant vet visits and rounds of new medications.  

I didn’t understand that I was being led somewhere. I didn’t understand that unhappiness is a wake-up call; that our bodies have a deep intelligence; that our symptoms speak to us; that our animals are trying to help us grow; and that the challenges in our lives direct us where we need to go, if we know how to listen.

Now, I love helping people discover the deep wisdom in their own life’s challenges, find the path that has been calling them, re-connect with their joy and purpose, and find a sense of freedom, agency, and meaning in their life.

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