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Stephanie K. Hopkins

Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I taught writing at NYU for over a decade, then ran away to the ocean to become a bartender. Now, as a psychic coach and animal communicator, I know what it’s like to follow an unconventional path.

If you had asked me then, I would have said I was following my gut, or more likely, my impulses or my whim. I often didn’t know what I wanted—just what I didn’t want. Sometimes the signs were dissatisfaction, a feeling of being “done,” or an emptiness I couldn’t shake no matter how busy I kept myself. Increasingly, the signs became physical: a mysterious auto-immune disease, undiagnosable muscle failure, food allergies, chemical sensitivity, constant pain, anxiety, and fatigue. My dog, too, developed mysterious symptoms that required constant vet visits and rounds of new medications.  

I didn’t understand that I was being led somewhere. I didn’t understand that unhappiness is a wake-up call; that our bodies have a deep intelligence; that our symptoms speak to us; that our animals are trying to help us grow; and that the challenges in our lives direct us where we need to go, if we know how to listen.

Now, I love helping people discover the deep wisdom in their own life’s challenges, find the path that has been calling them, re-connect with their joy and purpose, and find a sense of freedom, agency, and meaning in their life.

What People are saying

Jason N.

"I loved working with Stephanie. Her connections to the guides were deep. Their insights flowed through her with ease and went to the core. They helped me see and understand myself with a clarity I wasn’t sure I’d be able to experience in this life and this feels like just the beginning."

Catherine S.

"As a result of my Soul Level Coaching sessions, I spend less time directly engaging with my worries and overanalyzing everything. I am not as hard on myself. I am also more self-aware. The combination of being gentle with myself while also being more self-aware is transformative. Stephanie was so good at making me feel at ease throughout the entire process."

Jennie W.

"Working with Stephanie was truly a mind and heart expanding experience that has changed my life for the better. Her kind and compassionate energy made me feel so safe to explore the areas in my life where I was ready for healing and greater spiritual expansion. I am so thankful for sharing this amazing experience with such a beautiful soul as Stephanie. She is a brilliant light and gift in this world!"

Cynthia G.

"I booked a session with Stephanie to try and gain some insight as to what was causing a decline in my dog’s health. I admittedly was skeptical as the session was online and not in person but I was desperate so I gave it a try. Stephanie quickly made me feel comfortable and tuned in to the dynamics between my dog and me right away. Stephanie is a gifted communicator and empath who is authentic and very compassionate. Her message is "soulistic", at least that is how I think of it. While providing valuable information about my dog's health she also communicated with him about his purpose in my life and how we could enhance our connection during the time we have left together."

Gala M.

"My Soul Level Animal Communication session with Stephanie was an incredible experience. The relationship Stephanie accessed between me and my familiar (dog!) felt profoundly true, and the messages she conveyed from him to me were at once recognizable and striking, full of compassion and resonance. I will come back to what I learned from this experience again and again; I recommend it to anyone who has trouble feeling seen or yearns to see themselves in the eyes of their animal companion."

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